Scientific Prize Rules

There are two mandatory conditions to participate to the scientific prize :

  • The first one is to be a finalist team of the roadef/euro challenge 2016 ;
  • The second is that the code submitted for the final phase should be able to produce a feasible solution for at least one of the X instances.

The president of the committee is Roberto Wolfer Calvo (Full professor at Paris 13).

The committee is composed by the following scientific experts :

  • Jean André (Operations Research & Data Science Team Manager, Air Liquide) ;
  • Leandro Coelho (Professor at University Laval in Quebec) ;
  • Frédéric Gardi (Managing Partner at LocalSolver),
  • Christian Prins (Full Professor at the University of Technology of Troyes) ;
  • Emiliano Traversi (Associate Professor at Paris 13) ;
  • Roberto Wolfler Calvo (Full Professor at Paris 13).

The method must be described in a short paper (about 8-12 pages), which should contain all the elements necessary to assess the quality and the originality of the proposed method.

The deadline for submitting the paper and the related, eventually updated/new code, is October 31, 2016. The code should be able to produce good feasible solutions within reasonable running time. The submitted code will be executed on a specific platform to be detailed later.

The main criteria that will be used for evaluating the proposed methods are the following :

  • originality of the proposed method.
  • proof (theoretically and/or experimentally) of the quality of the produced results (lower bounds and/or upper bounds or their gaps with respect to the best known results) ;
  • interesting features, such as but not limited to, new and/or good dual bounds ;
  • decomposition methods developed in order to solve subproblems to optimality or to a very good lower bound ;

The weight on the criteria will be refined by the committee.

An extended version of the paper will be reviewed for publication in a special section of a regular issue of Transportation Science. The call for paper of Transportation Science will open in July 2016 (the end of the current ROADEF/EURO challenge) and will close six months later around January 2017. To submit to this special section any approach that was not among the finalists of the challenge ROADEF/EURO 2016, must be tested on the ROADEF/EURO challenge instances.